During fiscal 2016, the year ended June 30, 2016, we made headway in the native games business with regard to development of new titles scheduled for release in fiscal 2017. In the web games business, we marked a favorable start to the game operation business, which will generate steady profits through stable management of existing titles. In the new businesses segment, we continued our quest to create Internet services from scratch.

The biggest topic of 2017 will be the release of multiple native games that have been in development over the last two years. To our investors, it has been a long wait, but we believe this release blitz will deliver results that fully demonstrate what we can do at GREE. I am personally very much looking forward to the release of the new titles. You, too, can expect great things. We will also roll out strategies to simultaneously expand game operations in the web games business and in new businesses. Going forward, we will reinforce initiatives to bring about major successes in our three core segments—native games, web games and new businesses—using the Internet to transform real assets and related industries. On behalf of everyone at GREE, I ask for the continued support of stakeholders as we travel this road to success together.

Yoshikazu Tanaka
Founder, Chairman and CEO

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