Ours is a live entertainment business specializing in the virtual YouTuber (VTuber). Our vision is that all humans may be liberated from physical constraints and may "live to be who we want to be." We aspire to create a world where 3D avatars live on as VTubers.
We contribute to the further expansion of the VTuber market in various aspects. For instance, we discover, produce, and manage VTubers. Further, we create and distribute their video programs. We also develop and publish platforms and provide studio systems. Lastly, we continue with our financial support for creators and start-ups.

Production Business

We support the emergence of VTubers such as public offering via auditions and VTuberization of popular IP.
We are not only a live application, but also support communities where VTuber can play an active role in areas such as goods, VR live, music, games/e sports, television programs, real events and so on.

Virtual Girls Unit "KMNZ (Kemonos)"

Live Distribution Business

We publish the world's first VTuber dedicated live streaming platform, "REALITY", in order to offer activation platforms to many VTubers. We also support exchanges and monetization with fans.
"REALITY" is a live viewing Apps that anyone can watch VTuber live streaming everyday, and "REALITY Avatar" is a live streaming Apps that anyone can easily create original avatar with no need for PC or special equipment; and anyone can publish as a VTuber.
We already established our own well designed studios for VTubers. Therefore we are ready for delivering high quality of environment to deliver various lives.

"VTuber fund" project

We actively support creators such as voice actors, illustrators, as well as those that are most important for market expansion with VTuber fund projects. The investment projects total about 4 billion yen to support any creators and start-up companies related to VTuber. In addition, we prepare our own dedicated studio for VTubers, while investing in production where VTuber belong, and work on establishing a joint venture with partner companies. "VTuber Fund" is merely the name of the project focusing on investment. It does not involve the composition of the investment partnership or the establishment of a subsidiary.

Project concept