Making the world a better place
through the power of the Internet.

“We can make the world a better place through the power of the Internet.”
GREE began from this one passion and principle.
Since the day we started, we have been exploring the new potential of the Internet and working to provide such innovation as soon as possible, to as many people as possible.
New challenges don't always end in success. There are times when we cannot achieve our highest aims.
But as long as there is a slight possibility, we will ceaselessly continue our efforts.
The changes the Internet will have on the world have only just begun.
There is infinite potential that remains to be discovered.
To bring this potential into the world, GREE will continue to put our passion and principle into action, in order to provide enjoyment and happiness to our users' lives and make our society more open and convenient.
Through the power of the Internet, we can make the world a better place.


Make every day more exciting and enjoyable. Create a society that is more convenient, free, and fair.

The Internet doesn't just make things faster and more efficient. With email and social networks, we can now communicate far more with family and friends than was possible before the arrival of the Internet. No longer bound by the rigid social structures of the past, we can access a wide range of information, reflect on it, make our own decisions, and branch out into new areas.
Our mission is to use the Internet to bring fun and happiness into people's lives, and to help make society more open and efficient.

Deliver new services faster, and to more people.

The Internet has had a major impact on people's lives and on society, enabling things that were previously impossible. It's already hard to imagine what life was like before the Internet.
But the changes that the Internet will have on the world have only just begun.
There is still huge untapped potential. We want to do everything we can to create even just one more service; change the world even one second faster; reach even one more person with our services.
This mission gives us the passion we bring to our work each day.

Build a great company to offer the best services.

No matter how innovative the idea, superior the technology, or ample the funding, you can't link it to success working alone. It's only by gathering a large number of people into the best team that you can get through obstacles as they arise and create amazing services. Creating a great company is the first step in creating the best services.
Our aim is not to create a company that somehow meets everyone's demands. There's always going to someone somewhere who criticizes a product or service, whatever it may be. If you set high goals and pursue new ground to create new value, there will be times when you go on making mistakes day after day, when you start to despair that you have no chance of succeeding. Creating services that didn't exist before is no easy feat, but it's the people who take up the challenge knowing this who succeed in creating new value.
And it's in the eyes of those people – those who go on pursuing success wherever there is some potential – that we want our company to be seen as amazing. Creating that amazing company is the key to creating value for society.


Logical x Creative x Fast

Logical thinking, creativity, and speed are all essential elements of our work at GREE. Success requires the combination of all three criteria and, if we fall short in any one of them, we cannot do outstanding work. Business may prioritize one element over another, but we should not view this as a tradeoff.

Always aim to exceed our goals. Constantly challenge ourselves.

Dramatic growth is achieved by constantly stretching ourselves to higher goals. Complacency breeds stagnation, even for the most talented individuals and capable organizations.

Keep going until we achieve success.

Reaching high goals involves overcoming many obstacles. People who remain positive, focused, and determined in the face of adversity rather than blaming others or circumstances can achieve the impossible.

Gather exceptional talent to build an exceptional team.

It takes an excellent team to deliver extraordinary service. Therefore, we should bring together the best partners from both inside and outside the company to achieve our goals.
It is also important for everyone on the team to commit to hiring and training, get to know each other well, push each other to higher achievement, and work to build a team that is consistently capable of achieving the best results.

Serious about our people, our society, and our work.

Being disciplined, standing by our decisions, working in good faith, working together and thinking creatively, we will continue to succeed.
GREE thrives on serving our customers in good faith and, providing them with excellent services that they enjoy. We must interact in good faith with our fellow employees, our clients, and society.