Board of Directors

Yoshikazu Tanaka

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Yoshikazu Tanaka founded GREE, Inc. in December 2004, and serves as the Company's founder and chief executive officer. Before founding GREE, Yoshikazu worked at Sony Communication Network Corporation (now Sony Network Communications Inc.) and Rakuten, Inc. While at Rakuten, he started developing the social network GREE in his spare time. Yoshikazu earned a bachelor's degree in law from Nihon University in 1999. He was appointed chairman in September 2014.

Masaki Fujimoto

Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Masaki Fujimoto joined GREE in June 2005, and serves as the Company's chief technology officer. Prior to joining GREE, he worked at Astra the Studio, Inc. and Tunebiz Co., Ltd. Earlier in his career, Masaki was a member of the consulting staff of a PHP open source project. He graduated in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in literature from Sophia University.

Jin Akiyama

Senior Vice President

Jin Akiyama is a senior vice president at GREE. He was appointed a director at GREE in September 2013. Jin joined GREE in November 2011 as part of the investment team in the Corporate Division. In August 2012, he was appointed senior vice president of the Corporate Division. Prior to joining GREE, Jin worked in investment banking at Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd. He graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Tokyo in 1995 and began his career at Mitsubishi Corporation, later graduating with an MBA from INSEAD in 2000.

Eiji Araki

Senior Vice President

Eiji Araki is a senior vice president at GREE. He was appointed a director at GREE in September 2013. During his university years, Eiji co-founded several startups and after the sale of these businesses he joined GREE as its fourth regular employee in 2005. Eiji led the development of GREE's PC-based and mobile social networking services as well as several social games, including the long-running title Clinoppe. A core member of the team that established GREE International, Inc., today he oversees the operation of mobile game studios based at GREE's Tokyo headquarters. Eiji graduated with a degree in environment and information studies from Keio University in 2005.

Sanku Shino

Senior Vice President

Sanku Shino is a senior vice president at GREE since April 2011. He was appointed a director at GREE in September 2013. Since joining GREE in November 2008, Sanku has focused on strengthening developer relations to support GREE's platform business, while also overseeing marketing and advertising. Previously he worked at Hakuhodo Inc., a leading Japanese advertising agency, where he was engaged in marketing and sales for carriers and portal site companies. Sanku earned a master’s degree in science and technology from Keio University.

Yuta Maeda

Senior Vice President

Yuta Maeda is chief executive officer of Pokelabo, Inc. since December 2011, and a vice president at GREE. He was appointed a director at GREE in September 2013. Since joining Pokelabo in July 2009 as a director and CFO, Yuta has overseen a wide range of areas of Pokelabo's business from administration and business development to alliances. He previously worked at JAFCO Co., Ltd., where he was involved in venture capital and business incubation in the IT and mobile sectors. A registered patent attorney, Yuta graduated with a master's degree in engineering from Musashi Institute of Technology (now Tokyo City University).

Kotaro Yamagishi


Kotaro Yamagishi co-founded GREE in December 2004, and serves as the Company's director (part-time). Earlier in his career, he was editor-in-chief of CNET Networks Japan (now ASAHI INTERACTIVE, Inc.), prior to which, he worked at Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. Kotaro received a bachelor's degree in economics from Keio University in 1999.

Takeshi Natsuno

Takeshi Natsuno joined GREE in September 2009 and serves as an outside director, while working as professor of the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University since May 2008. Prior to joining GREE, Takeshi was promoted to SVP, managing director of Japan Multimedia Services, after having worked at NTT Mobile Communications Network, Inc. (now NTT DOCOMO, INC.) for eight years. Earlier in his career, Takeshi worked at Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.

Kazunobu Iijima

Kazunobu Iijima joined GREE in September 2012 as an outside director. He also serves as president of THE SANKEI BUILDING CO., LTD. Prior to joining GREE, Kazunobu worked at Fuji Television Network, Inc. (now FUJI MEDIA HOLDINGS, INC.) as director and manager of the Corporate Planning Department and managing director. Earlier in his career, Kazunobu was manager of the Media Broadcasting Department of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Corporate Auditors

Masahiro Seyama

Masahiro Seyama joined GREE in September 2012 as a corporate auditor (full-time). Before joining GREE, he served as a senior corporate auditor (full-time) at Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (now Panasonic Corporation) from June 2008. During his career at Matsushita Electric Industrial, which he joined in April 1972, Masahiro also served as a director of the Corporate Management Division for Latin America and president of Panasonic do Brasil Ltda.

Toru Nagasawa

Toru Nagasawa joined GREE in September 2007, and serves as a corporate auditor (part-time). He passed the bar exam while in law school at the University of Tokyo in 1981, and joined Kajitani Law Offices three years later. In 1995, Toru established his own accounting and consulting firm, Nagasawa Law Offices, and is currently working as a representative lawyer.

Koichi Shima

Koichi Shima was appointed as GREE's Corporate Auditor (part time) in September 2016. Prior to joining GREE, he served as a Corporate Auditor (full-time) at Recruit Co., Ltd., from June 2010 to Feb 2016. Koichi joined Japan Recruit Center (now Recruit Holdings) in May 1983, and served as its Director of Recruit FromA (now Recruit Jobs) and President of Recruit Media Communications (now Recruit Communications).

Corporate Officers

  • Tomoyuki Isaka
  • Yasutaka Hori
  • Tsugumasa Egawa
  • Yoshimasa Matsuda
  • Shintaro Aikawa
  • Shozo Mizuno
  • Tomoki Umeya
  • Masayuki Katagiri

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