Business Collaboration between GREE and Tencent, the Largest Internet Service Corporation in China

TOKYO, Japan - January 26, 2011 - GREE, Inc. (Headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo; president and Chief Executive Officer: Yoshikazu Tanaka; Listed in the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange; Code: 3632; Hereinafter called "GREE") announced that it will have business collaboration with Tencent (Headquarters: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China; CEO: Pony Ma Huateng), one of the largest integrated Internet services providers in China.

Reasons for the Business Collaboration

GREE is offering the "GREE Platform for Smartphone", which allows GREE development partners (hereinafter referred to as "GREE partner") to provide various apps to GREE users on the SNS "GREE" for Smartphone, Tencent aims to enrich the interactive online experience of Internet users in China by providing a comprehensive range of Internet and wireless value-added services. Through its various online platforms, including Instant Messaging QQ, web portal, QQ Game portal, multi-media social networking service Qzone and wireless portal, Tencent serves the largest online community in China and fulfills the user's needs for communication, information, entertainment and e-Commerce on the Internet. The business collaboration between GREE and Tencent will facilitate the GREE partners' development of social applications (hereinafter referred to as social apps) which apply the "GREE Platform for Smartphone" and the social apps provided by the Tencent Wireless Services Division to be compatible for both companies' wireless SNS platforms.

In China, over 120 million users play mobile games by the end of September 2010 (according to the research by Analysis International in 2010., and the market is expected to grow. Through the collaboration with Tencent, GREE would like to establish a toehold for growth in the rapidly growing Chinese mobile game market and support the business expansion of the GREE partners. At the same time, GREE will strive to expand the domestic platform business.

GREE has already been promoting the global expansion of the business such as investment to the mobile SNS "mig33", which has approximately 40 million members, centering on the emerging countries including Southeast Asian countries. In addition to this effort, by pursing collaboration with powerful domestic and global partners, GREE will aim at providing the best community service which will be used by all kinds of users in the world.

Contents of the Business Collaboration

Tencent will standardize the specifications of the "QQ Wireless Game Center" with the "GREE Platform for smartphone" which is already available to the public. At the same time, Tencent will support the business expansion of the GREE partners in Japan for their product development on the "QQ Wireless Game Center" including localization of their products. Through these efforts, the GREE partners will be able to provide the social apps for the "QQ Wireless Game Center" based on their social apps developed for "GREE Platform for smartphone", without developing new apps from the beginning. The popular social games provided by Tencent Wireless Services Division will also be offered to GREE users through the "GREE Platform for smartphone".

The impact of this announcement on the business performance is currently being analyzed. If we identify that there will be some kind of impact, we will promptly announce it.

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