GREE Made a Technical Collaboration with Unity Technologies, Provider of 3D Game Development Tool Unity to Support Multi-OS Development for iOS and Android- iPhone Application CosmoLightning Developed with Unity also to Debut in Mid-March -

TOKYO, Japan - March 1, 2011 - GREE, Inc. today announced its technical collaboration with Unity Technologies, provider of the 3D game development tool Unity, and its provision of a plug-in for Unity to development partners (GREE Partners). The Unity Plug-in for GREE enables GREE Partners to easily build in the functions provided by GREE SDK* to applications developed with Unity, which can drastically reduce the workload in developing social applications capable of running on both iOS (iPhone/iPod touch) and Android operating systems.

Unity is an all-in-one game development tool developed and marketed by Unity Technologies which facilitates the development of authentically interactive 3D contents. In developing contents, it is usually necessary to carry out development for each platform for their different specifications. By using the Unity which installed the Plug-in for GREE, it becomes possible to generate both iOS applications and Android applications with the SNS function of GREE built in, from a single source code. Games created with Unity took top-selling. For example, Skee-Ball was released in 2009 and rapidly rose to the position of top-selling paid app in the App Store and was name as one of the top 5 iPhone games of 2009 by Gamasutra. Zombieville USA was released in 2009 and was recognized in Apple's iTunes Rewind 2009 as one of the top-selling games of the year.

GREE provides the Unity Plug-in for GREE iOS SDK from March 1 through the GREE Developer Center ( ), and the Unity Plug-in for GREE Android SDK is also scheduled to be released in the near future. Also, the casual game application CosmoLightning developed with the Unity Plug-in for GREE iOS SDK is scheduled to be released in mid-March.

From the starting point of this collaboration, GREE and Unity Technologies will continue to provide further development support to facilitate GREE partners in providing contents utilizing the latest technology, both quickly and efficiently.

GREE aims to continue providing the number one community service utilized by various users around the world by pursuing ongoing collaborations with established partners, both in Japan and overseas.

Game Screenshots : CosmoLightning (Touch Action Game)

Title Screen (left) Game Playing Screen (right)

* A tool set, such as programming languages and API, necessary for software development utilizing technologies.

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