GREE to Strengthen "GREE Cloud" for International Promotion of Social Apps- Supporting Partners' International Expansion -

TOKYO, Japan - June 6, 2011- GREE, Inc. today announced that it will enhance and expand its "GREE Cloud" services for social application developers using the GREE Platform. The enhancements are being introduced to facilitate global business expansion exclusively to its partners. "GREE Cloud" will enable North American and Chinese development partners to expand their business into Japan and Japanese partners to penetrate the North American market.

"GREE Cloud" enables GREE's partners to build high-cost performance IT infrastructure that requires lower investment compared to sourcing conventional hosting services on their own. By utilizing "GREE Cloud" as a hosting service, GREE partners can easily and quickly facilitate the most appropriate infrastructure environment to satisfy their individual development needs, such as the management of traffic load and operation support.

Through measures to reinforce "GREE Cloud", GREE will further promote the multi-dimensional development of the platform for both Japanese and overseas development partners. The services that support partners leveraging "GREE Cloud" include:

Service Provider
From Japan to the U.S. GREE Cloud Powered by GMO (US Data Center) GMO Internet, Inc.
From U.S. to Japan GREE Cloud Powered by GMO (Japan Date Center) GMO Internet, Inc.
GREE Cloud Powered by IDC Frontier (SAP overseas support) IDC Frontier Inc.
From China to Japan GREE Cloud Powered by FreeBit (For China) FreeBit Co., Ltd.

North American market penetration plan for Japanese development partners GMO Internet, Inc.

"GREE Cloud Powered by GMO (US Data Center)"


  • The use of U.S.-based data center
  • Japanese language services from the contract to support phases
  • Central control of servers in Japan and the U.S. with control panels

Japanese market penetration plan for North American development partners

GMO Internet, Inc. "GREE Cloud Powered by GMO (Japan Date Center)"


  • English language services for websites, various documents including manuals and control panels
  • English language services for contracting, inquiry handling and customer support by e-mail
  • U.S. dollar settlement (The arrangement to accept payment through Paypal and credit card settlement is under way.)

IDC Frontier Inc. "GREE Cloud Powered by IDC Frontier (SAP overseas support)"


  • First in Japan: adaptation of CloudStack, the world standard. API to be released.
  • Credit card sign-up service. It takes only 5 minutes for overseas customers to complete their settlement.
  • GREE Cloud that has been adopted first in Japan with abundant accumulated experience

Japanese market penetration plan for Chinese development partners

FreeBit Co., Ltd. "GREE Cloud Powered by FreeBit (For China)"

  • Remote maintenance from China through FreeBit's dedicated line between Japan and China and Cloud management consoles
  • 100% Chinese (Mandarin) language service for Cloud Management Consoles, manuals and more
  • Around-the-clock, 365 days a year, customer service in Chinese (Mandarin) through a call center in China
  • Settlement in Chinese RMB through a GREE group company, FBII

Service descriptions will be sequentially provided to GREE partners starting from June 3, 2011, via the "GREE Developer Center". For more details, please visit the "GREE Developer Center". (

In its strategy to expand and help social application developers expand globally, GREE established an American subsidiary, GREE International, in January 2011. It also fully acquired OpenFeint (Headquarters: California, U.S.A, CEO: Jason Citron) which manages the leading mobile social gaming cross-platform network with over 85 million registered users and 5,500 games. The company is also active in establishing business partnerships with prominent overseas companies including Tencent, one of China's largest Internet Service providers in China with more than 650 million users and Project Goth which operates "mig33", a mobile SNS with more than 47 million users in emerging countries.

About GREE

GREE provides Japan's leading mobile social gaming platform, and is at the forefront of mobile technology. With over 25 million users, GREE was ranked as Japan's fastest-growing tech company by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in 2010. GREE is expanding globally, and acquired OpenFeint to enter the global market. Combined, the two networks reach over 110 million players and 6,000 games. GREE aims to build the best mobile social gaming ecosystem for users and developer worldwide.

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