GREE, Inc. to Expand GREE Platform for smartphone to South and Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa- mig33, a mobile community with over 50 million users will begin offering standardized platforms for smartphones -

TOKYO, Japan - July 21, 2011 - GREE, Inc. today announced that Project Goth, Inc., the company behind the mobile community mig33, with over 50 million users in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa, has started the provision of platforms, standardized with the GREE Platform for smartphone*1.

GREE, Inc. offers the GREE Platform for smartphone, which allows GREE developers to provide various social applications to users while promoting the platform business. This service will enable GREE developers to offer their social applications easily on the mig33 platform with over 50 million users.

GREE, Inc. has already established alliances with service providers who have extensive experience and expertise in localization, including translation/reflection of local culture, and debugging/verification of multiple device functionality both inside and outside of Japan. GREE developers will therefore easily provide applications on both GREE mig33's platforms, with improved quality and shorter development cycles.

In January, GREE, Inc. also partnered with the largest Chinese online community service provider, Tencent, to standardize technical specifications on their platforms for smartphones. In April, GREE, Inc. acquired OpenFeint, which manages the world's largest cross platform social gaming network with over 90 million users all over the world. GREE, Inc. has been facilitating the environment to support developers to easily expand their businesses globally.

GREE, Inc. will continue to provide the number one community service used by users around the world, by pursuing ongoing collaborations with established partners worldwide.

The impact of this announcement on the business performance is currently being analyzed. If we identify that there will be some kind of impact, we will announce it promptly.

*1 A platform in which developers can provide their applications and services, utilizing the GREE Platform for smartphones.

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GREE provides Japan's leading mobile social networking service, and is at the forefront of mobile technology. With over 25 million users, GREE was ranked as Japan's fastest-growing tech company by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in 2010. GREE is expanding globally, and acquired OpenFeint to enter the global market. Combined, the two networks reach over 110 million players and 6,000 games. GREE aims to build the best mobile social gaming ecosystem for users and developer worldwide.

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