GREE Announces Partnership with Global Companies to Support Developers on the GREE Platform- Corporate Partners to Offer Unique Services that Enhance the Development of Social Mobile Games Worldwide -

TOKYO, Japan - February 2, 2012 - GREE today announced a series of partnerships with some of the social mobile industry's tech leaders, offering key support tools for GREE's upcoming global mobile social gaming platform. These partners bring developers access to a variety of unique support functions that are critical for competitive development including localization, server-side infrastructure, debugging, and user support.

GREE has chosen to work with companies that individually have international market expertise, backed by extensive industry experience to provide a strong global support framework. Through these enhanced service offerings, GREE's development partners will be able to focus on the planning, development, and worldwide distribution of their apps, while taking full advantage of the support service packages powered by GREE's partner companies.

The new GREE Platform will be built on the company's existing success with social mobile networks and games as well as offering developers the ability to distribute their apps on a leading global platform with the most flexible and accessible tools. By partnering with companies that provide industry-leading support services, the GREE Platform will enable more efficient development, distribution, and overall management services to developers worldwide.

The following lists highlight the companies that will partner with GREE to provide services to developers on the GREE Platform.

(1) Localization DIGITAL Hearts Co.,Ltd.

Katalyst Lab Inc.

Keywords International Limited

Lionbridge Technologies

Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings, Inc.
(2) Server-side Infrastructure Amazon Data Services Japan

FreeBit Co.,Ltd.

GMO Internet, Inc.

IDC Frontier Inc.

Microsoft Japan Co.,Ltd.

RightScale®, Inc.
(3) Debug DIGITAL Hearts Co.,Ltd.

Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings, Inc.

VeriServe Corporation
(4) User Support BELLSYSTEM24, Inc.

E-Guardian Inc.

GaiaX Co.Ltd.

ISAO Corporation

Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings, Inc.

transcosmos inc.

GREE's development partners can find more details on each support service on the GREE Developer Center page (

GREE will continue to provide the leading mobile social gaming ecosystem for users around the world, by creating high-quality content in collaboration with established global partners.

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