GREE Partners with Leading Chinese and Korean Developers to Deliver Top Mobile Social Games- Partners to offer 12 Popular Titles on the New GREE Platform This Year -

Burlingame, CA - February 15, 2012 - GREE today announced partnerships with 11 of China and Korea's leading social mobile game developers to bring their highly successful mobile social titles to the upcoming GREE Platform. In total, the companies represent 12 popular mobile social games for iOS and Android™, all coming out around the launch of the platform in Q2 2012.

Included in the list of partners are Hoolai Game Limited, the Chinese gaming giant who will provide hit online social game “Rise Of Olympia” and Haypi Co., Ltd, a leader in Chinese mobile game development, who will offer popular “Haypi Kingdom” on GREE Platform, as part of the partnership. All games will initially be available in English, while Japanese, Chinese, Korean are also under consideration.

GREE sees significant opportunity in both China and Korea to help expand GREE Platform's international reach, by offering players some of Asia's top mobile social games and giving developers access to their high-engagement player. GREE is dedicated to providing the leading mobile social gaming ecosystem for both developers and users worldwide, by leveraging their expertise in the free-to-play business, creating high-quality content in-house, and collaborating with established global partners.

The following lists highlight the companies from China and Korea that will partner with GREE on the new GREE Platform:

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • Beijing ASTEPGAME Co., LTD.(Beijing, China)
  • Game Title* : Three Kingdoms TD – Fate of Wei

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • Beijing Pearlinpalm Information Technology Co., Ltd.(Beijing, China)
  • Game Title* : Pearl Heroes - The Three Kingdoms

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • Boyaa Interactive International Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Game Title* : Boyaa Texas Poker

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • Company 100, Inc.(Gyeonggii, South Korea)
  • Game Title* : Buddy Rush

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • Company 100, Inc.(Gyeonggii, South Korea)
  • Game Title* : Operation: Cross Counter

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • Haypi Co., Ltd.(Shanghai, China)
  • Game Title* : Haypi Kingdom

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • Hoolai Game Limited (Beijing, China)
  • Game Title* : Rise Of Olympia

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • iFree Studio Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Game Title* : Emross War

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • Pictosoft Co., Ltd. (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Game Title* : Stylish Sprint

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • Chukong Technology Co., Ltd.(PunchBox)(Beijing, China)
  • Game Title* : Fishing Joy X

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • Shanghai MUHE Network Technology Co., Ltd.(Shanghai, China)
  • Game Title* : Tap Three Kingdoms

  • Company Name(Headquarter Location) :
  • Something Big Technology Co., Ltd.(Shanghai, China)
  • Game Title* : Sanguo Mobile
  • *Game Titles are subject to change

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