GREE Advertising Signs Partnership with AppDisco- Exclusive agency deal with South Korean Internet company for Japan ad space on AdLatte point service app -

TOKYO, Japan - November 12, 2012 - GREE Advertising, Inc. (“GREE Advertising”), a subsidiary of GREE, Inc. (“GREE”), today announced a partnership with AppDisco Inc. (“AppDisco”), a South Korean company involved in a range of Internet-related businesses. GREE Advertising will be the exclusive agent in Japan for advertising space on AppDisco' AdLatte application for Android™ and iOS.

GREE Advertising CEO Tatsuhei Asanuma (left)
and AppDisco Inc. CFO and Head of Global Business BumRyung Yoo (right)

With over one million subscribers in Japan and over three million subscribers in South Korea already, AdLatte is rapidly becoming the app to watch. By viewing advertisements placed on AdLatte and answering quizzes on their smartphones, AdLatte users earn points that can be exchanged for items such as gift cards or donations to worthy causes. Users can also share advertisements on social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook to earn even more points.

AdLatte's unique strategy of putting users in control of how they earn points offers advertisers new opportunities to reach their audience, while message awareness and understanding are also improved, since advertisements on AdLatte are unskippable. AdLatte's CPI advertising1 does not require an application SDK2 installation, which makes the process of beginning an AdLatte promotion much easier and smoother than traditional methods.

Through the combination of GREE Advertising's wide customer network with AppDisco's powerful promotional tools, the two companies aim to create new promotional opportunities for developers and advertisers alike.

GREE Advertising, Inc.

GREE Advertising provides advertising agency services to support global promotions targeting smartphones. GREE Advertising was launched in April 2012 as a fully owned subsidiary of GREE, Inc. Alongside its own advertising products, GREE Advertising is pursuing strategic alliances and business with major Internet mobile advertising companies around the world, and is developing sales and support offices overseas, mainly in North America, Europe and Asia.

1. Advertising with a fee payment structure based on app installs
2. Software development kit

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