GREE Reports FY2014 First Quarter Results

TOKYO, Japan—November 13, 2013—GREE today announced financial results for its fiscal 2014 first quarter ended September 30, 2013. GREE recorded net sales of ¥35.3 billion and operating profit of ¥9.8 billion for the first quarter.

FY2014 First Quarter Financial Summary

Billions of yen

1Q FY2014 4Q FY2013 QoQ change
Net sales 35.3 37.0 -1.7
EBITDA1 11.6 9.8 +1.9
Operating profit 9.8 7.8 +2.0
Ordinary profit 9.7 9.5 +0.1
Net profit (loss)2 2.4 (0.3) +2.7
  • 1. EBITDA = operating profit/loss + depreciation costs + amortization of goodwill
  • 2. An extraordinary gain of ¥0.2 billion was recorded on the sale of investment securities, but an extraordinary loss of ¥5.2 billion was also posted from a write-off of assets related to certain titles and a provision for a voluntary retirement program and others, resulting in a total extraordinary loss of ¥5.0 billion
  • 3. Figures are rounded off to the nearest hundred million yen

Financial Highlights

  • Net sales amounted to ¥35.3 billion, a decrease of 5% compared to ¥37.0 billion in the fiscal 2013 fourth quarter
  • Operating profit was ¥9.8 billion, an increase of 26% compared to ¥7.8 billion in the fiscal 2013 fourth quarter
  • The operating profit margin improved by 6.6 percentage points quarter on quarter to 27.7%
  • Cut fixed costs by ¥1.9 billion or 12% quarter on quarter through strict cost control; met, ahead of schedule, the target reduction committed to in the fiscal 2013 fourth quarter announcement
  • Total expenses were ¥25.5 billion, a decrease of 12% compared to ¥29.2 billion in the fiscal 2013 fourth quarter
  • A total extraordinary loss of ¥5.0 billion was recorded following an extraordinary gain of ¥0.2 billion recorded on the sale of investment securities and an extraordinary loss of ¥5.2 billion stemming from a re-examination of assets related to certain titles and the implementation of a voluntary retirement program and others

Business Update


  • Coin consumption on smartphones increased by approximately ¥1.6 billion compared to the fiscal 2013 fourth quarter
  • This was not sufficient to cover the decline in coin consumption on feature phones, resulting in a decrease in overall coin consumption

Web Game Business:*

  • Coin consumption on third-party smartphone titles grew to 1.3 times that of the fiscal 2013 first quarter as titles released during the previous fiscal year contributed to growth
  • Completed adjustments to development operations in order to address a halt in the flow of first-party releases and ensure ability to renew product offering on an ongoing basis

Native Game Business:*

  • Maintained steady flow of new releases with titles such as Dragon Realms and Beyond the Dead
  • Overseas operations on track to achieve monthly profitability within 2013**
  • In Japan, sales were flat due to a lack of growth from some card battle games
  • Started development on titles for Japan market in new genres other than card battle games

New Business

  • Advertising: Spun off advertising business, integrating ad network, reward and affiliate, and media businesses and operations from development to sales into new subsidiary Glossom, Inc. (established November 1, 2013, following a change in the trade name of GREE group company Atlantis Co., Ltd.)
  • Venture capital: In August 2013, invested in KAIZEN platform Inc., operator of planBCD, a user-friendly platform for website UI improvement
  • Licensing and merchandising: GREE Entertainment Products, Inc. released the second series of the SiegKrone trading card game, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) in September 2013
* Note on business division names:

“Web game” refers to browser-based games for feature phones and smartphones. “Native game” refers to games provided as native apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

** Excluding M&A costs

Strategic Update

Key initiatives underway since fiscal 2013 fourth quarter as part of selection and concentration strategy:

  • Realignment of development operations to enable continual flow of new title releases
    • Reallocation of resources in line with streamlining of development operations and narrowing of portfolio of core titles
    • Standardization of new product development process and release criteria
    • Strict pipeline management
  • Transition to leaner cost structure in line with shift to smartphones
    • Optimization of operational scale and streamlining of management resources
    • Closures of certain overseas locations and implementation of voluntary retirement program
    • Control of development costs and advertising and marketing costs
    • Franchising of game engines and horizontal deployment of marketing expertise
  • Optimization of business infrastructure to enable rapid decision making
    • Reorganization of operations into separate business divisions for browser-based games and native app games to reflect distinct market characteristics
    • Strengthening of Board; clarification of authority and responsibilities for each business

FY2014 Initiatives

Web Game Business:

  • Promote steady growth in smartphone titles by leading partners, with seven titles planned for release in the fiscal 2014 second half
    • Second titles by Grani and GxYZ
    • Use of strong IP with high user acquisition potential
  • Pursue renewed top-line growth in the fourth quarter as new titles contribute to earnings
    • Revised release schedule to prioritize tightening of release criteria and adjustments to development operations
    • From the third quarter, maintain a continual flow of first-party releases at one to two titles per quarter

Native Game Business:


  • Five new titles planned for release in the fiscal 2014 second half
  • Diversify portfolio with titles in new genres other than card battle games
  • Enhance monetization of titles such as Saga of Fantasma and Haconiwa Fushigi na Tegami to Dobutsu Shima


  • Three new titles planned for release overseas in the second half
  • Pursue growth of titles released in the first half and of next-generation core titles such as Knights & Dragons
  • Target Europe and Asia markets with localized versions of hit titles while minimizing risk
  • Ensure efficiency in new title releases by franchising game engines of hit games


For presentation materials and further information, visit GREE, Inc. - Investor Relations

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